Renovations and remodeling are a fact of life for property managers. New tenants want walls knocked out, walls added. Old tenants want to increase their space or spruce up what they have.

That means a constant need for precision drywall installation, repairs and upgrades. When updating a current room, it is essential to match texture so the new blends with the old.

That takes skill.

G&C Construction and Electrical has the experience and staff to handle all types of quality drywall work for property managers. Here is a look at the wide variety of drywall services available to make your renovations and remodels go smoothly.


Drywall Installation and Drywall Remodeling

Drywall is the core of the walls that people see in your building’s spaces. If the heart of the wall or ceiling is installed using quality materials and workmanship, the final exterior will be durable and attractive. That’s why each drywall installation must be done with precision and attention to detail, whether the job is one sheet or hundreds.

Drywall Repair and Drywall Patching

When walls and ceilings are damaged, they can be patched to seamlessly match the texture. The results make it look like the damage never happened.

Skimming or Puddy Coating

The first stage of a Level 5 smooth wall is skimming or puddy coating. This effectively covers the old orange peel splatter to make it smooth.

Acoustic Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Acoustic popcorn ceilings can be removed. The first step is getting an independent lab test for asbestos, usually a one-day process. If the results show no asbestos, C&G can remove your dated acoustical ceiling. Your new one can be hand-textured or smooth.

Drywall Demolition

G&C handles light demolition on a range of existing walls and ceilings, including hauling away debris and arranging disposal.

Water Damage Repair

Water damage on ceilings and walls is unsightly and might even be moldy. That’s why it is important to cut the damaged parts away as soon as possible. G&C puts in clean framing, removes the mold, dries the area out, and repairs the section so it looks like the damage never happened.

Water damage leads to wood rot, harm to wallboards, and mildew, which can be toxic.

That’s why it is so essential to get water damage repaired as soon as possible.

Ceiling and Wall Texture Matching

Matching the texture on ceiling and walls gives a room a finished, professional look. G&C does both spray and hand-troweled texturing. With either technique, the match with the existing texture is seamless and flawless.

Custom Drywall Framing

Framing is the skeleton of your wall or ceiling. G&C has expert framers on staff, experienced with both metal and wood studs.

Custom Archways, Arch Inlets, and Bullnose Corners

Want a square archway turned into a rounded one? How about opening up a wall halfway to give it a mini-arch suitable for awards and other artifacts? Or a modern Bullnose wall corner? G&C can help you achieve the look you want.

Fireplace Resurfacing

If you need to update your housing units, consider covering up old stone, brick, or tile with Venetian plaster or American clay plaster.

Interior Venetian Plaster Finishes

Also known as Venetian stucco, a Venetian plaster finish gives a C-suite office the look of original artwork. Walls and ceilings take on a custom appearance, using limestone plasters with stone or marble powder. This adds elegant, natural color and finish, giving any room an Old World refinement.

American Clay Plaster Finishes

The most environmentally friendly choice is American clay plaster, made in the U.S. It is both non-toxic and VOC-free. This plaster generates negative ions, reducing dust and allergens on walls. The look is rustic, earthy, and inviting.

G&C, When Precision Counts

G&C Construction and Electrical has provided a variety of drywall services for commercial spaces in the area for almost two decades. To every job, the company brings 75 years of combined experience, commitment to craftsmanship, and attention to detail.
G&C understands that speed is an essential ingredient in getting your commercial space ready for tenants. We limit your downtime, without cutting corners.

Is drywall in your future? Not sure what you need or what is possible? The experts at G&C are happy to answer your questions and explain what is involved. Call the drywall professionals at G&C today.