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branch circuit panelboardAlso called distribution boards, breaker panels, or electrical panels, circuit panelboards are one of the most essential components of an electricity supply system. The right one effectively divides the power feed into subordinate circuits and provides protection with a fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit.

G&C Construction and Electrical can install the right lighting panelboard for your needs in your commercial space. Here is a look at what we handle.

Fusible Lighting Panelboards

If you have a system with a very high fault current, this panelboard offers selective coordination. The fault current ratings are up to 200 k AIC symmetrical. They have the capacity to coordinate selectively with upstream overcurrent devices.

Pow-R-Line 1a and 2a

Both the 1a and 2a panelboards provide lighting and appliance branch circuit protection up to 480Y/277VAC. Available in a range of standard designs, these units are easily installed. It is possible to arrange for field conversion from main lugs to main circuit breakers. These panelboards have increased series ratings, meaning higher short circuit ratings. They operate on standard bolt-on or plug-on breakers.

Pow-R-Line 3a

The 3a panelboard can function as a lighting and appliance branch panelboard, or it can work as a panelboard for small power distribution. It is a space-saving choice because it houses more breakers in less area. This model features both the EZ box and EZ trim setup, which results in a more secure, safe, and rapid installation.

Pow-R-Line PXBCM Panelboard

This model works as a branch circuit monitoring panelboard. It is considered the cost-effective answer when you need to monitor energy and power at the branch circuit level.

Power-R-Line 1R and 2R

Are you renovating your current electrical system? This Retrofit Panelboard has a one-of-a-kind chassis, with adjustable interior assembly. It reduces the amount of wall reconstruction required, as well as cleanup and downtime.

Pow-R-Line 3E

Considered the next generation of panelboards, this unit is created at 480VAC delta and below. It delivers excellent performance when you need selective coordination along with high fault current applications.

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