Sometimes a Lock Is Not Enough

safety-electronic-access-systemsSecuring your commercial or industrial building is essential. However, building security comes in many forms. Traditional locking hardware offers excellent entry-prevention on the surface. However, electronic access systems offer a broad-range of security-enhancing benefits that ensure that your building is inaccessible during certain times of day and to anyone who does not have clearance. G&C Construction and Electric has extensive experience installing these systems for government agencies, for whom security is of the utmost importance. We’re here to help you with your installation, whether that be in a commercial or industrial building.

Reasons to Invest in Electronic Access

Keys work well – there’s no denying that – however, when you run an office or facility that contains high-security items, be they private records or other people’s storage, a higher level of building security is required.

In addition, mechanical locking is not always cost-effective, especially if an employee leaves your organization and locks need to be re-keyed, while you distribute new keys. Some locksmiths charge as much as $250 to rekey a double door and provide new keys, a pricey endeavor if your organization has any level of turnover.

Electronic access systems can be programmed to unlock automatically during pre-set business hours, so you do not need to assign someone to unlock your doors at the beginning of each day and relock them when it’s time to leave.

We’ve Been Trusted Contractors with the Federal Government for Years

G&C Construction and Electrical has been securing restricted areas for the Federal Government for years. We have specific and expert knowledge of electronic access systems and the best ways to install them. If you’re interested in taking the next step in building security and ease of use, call us!