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Energy-Efficient Lighting UpgradesThe success of your business depends, in part, on how you spend the resources you have. Energy is a major resource that many business owners have a difficult time managing, especially when handling large industrial or commercial facilities or office buildings that require long hours of intense lighting and climate control.

G&C Construction and Electrical is equipped to handle any size job, providing cutting-edge quality in a competitive field. We are commercial electricians trained to resolve energy-efficiency issues and make upgrades that can significantly reduce your monthly costs, all while providing a pleasant and useful environment for your tenants.

Reasons for Energy-Efficient Lighting Upgrades

Creating a space that saves energy includes multiple benefits, such as:

  • Increased marketability: Energy-efficiency can help you to market your rental or leased space, especially when lease rates are competitive and occupancy is low.
  • Boosted tenant satisfaction: Reducing tenant energy bills can have multiple positive results, including increased occupation retention, comfort, productivity, and loyalty.
  • Press coverage: Even if you do not have specific goals focused on attaining press coverage, local communities like to support green endeavors and may be more likely to profile your building.
  • Improved property values: If you ever plan to sell your building, making energy-efficient updates can help increase resale value.

Attractive Options, Less Cost

Energy-efficient lighting has come a long way. While fluorescent bulbs used to be the gold standard in efficiency, LEDs are now cornering the market. LED lighting is versatile, attractive, and can be adapted to suit any setting. Businesses from spas to gyms are able to harness the low-cost, high adaptability of LED lighting set the right atmosphere at their locations.

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