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As a property manager, a fire in one of your commercial buildings is your worst nightmare. That’s why you understand the peace of mind that comes by having a state-of-the-art fire detection system installed in each of your commercial spaces.

Fire detection systems have dramatically reduced loss of life, injury, and property damage in office and industrial buildings. They are able to give early warning of a fire so buildings can be safely evacuated. But choosing the right one for each environment can be complicated.

Types of Fire Detectors

There are three main types of fire detectors, based on how they sense the three products of fire: smoke, heat, and flame.

Smoke Detectors

These sense visible and invisible smoke particles that are caused by combustion.

Ionization detectors: an alarm is triggered when smoke enters the unit’s chamber. It responds quickly to flaming and hot fires, though doesn’t work well with dense smoke from smoldering fires.
Photoelectric detectors: an alarm is activated when smoke particles enter a light path. They work well with smoldering fires, but not with flaming or very hot fires.

Heat Detectors

If a commercial space is usually dirty or generates dense smoke as part of its routine, a heat detector is suitable. These units are triggered by either an overall temperature change or when a predetermined temperature is reached.

Flame Detectors

Flames from combustion emit types of light, including infrared, ultraviolet, and visible. When a flame detector identifies one of these lights, it triggers an alarm.

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