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As a property manager, you have a range of clients and tenants relying on you for a seamless delivery of safe power. They depend on their electronics to keep work flowing and their own customers happy. Every modern business counts on their computers, printers, office equipment, communication devices, and other types of machinery to function.

That’s why you need to take steps now to handle unexpected power surges in the buildings you manage. Electrical spikes can damage, even destroy, expensive electronics. Surges can ruin computers and wipe out memory. It affects costly office equipment, refrigeration units, heating and cooling systems, appliances, audio-visual systems, and all types of commercial equipment.

What Happens During a Spike?

Typically 110 to 120 volts is the average AC utility voltage used to run electronics. But spikes can increase that level to several hundreds volts, more than enough to cause devices to malfunction. If lightning strikes, the spike can reach thousands of volts, resulting in permanent damage.

Fixing these devices isn’t cheap. Repairing damaged electronic equipment is expensive. It costs even more to replace those that are beyond repair. Also, factor in staff downtime because equipment they need to get the job done is not able to be used.

When surges damage equipment in commercial spaces, your clients and tenants get understandably upset and angry.

What Is Surge Suppression?

More accurately called a transient suppressor, a surge suppression device is attached to the utility line for the alternating current, commonly called AC. It can also be part of the telephone line. The goal is to stop damage to all types of electronics from spikes, or transients, in the voltage.

This prevents the AC voltage from reaching beyond a specific threshold, for example, ± 200 volts. In effect, it short-circuits the power line for transient pulses that are greater than the threshold.

“I’ve Got Surge Suppression Strips”

Most people are familiar with surge protector strips that handle several electronic devices like computers, printers, etc. But in most cases, commercial spaces need a more powerful, all-inclusive setup.

G&C, the Surge Suppression Experts

G&C Construction and Electrical is here to help. We install integrated whole building surge suppression systems that keep all of your equipment protected and working safely. In smaller areas, we can provide appropriate surge protective devices.

We install the whole office system as part of the main service panel. This is able to prevent voltage surges from getting into your building’s wiring by way of the conductors that run from the service equipment. This type of approach protects 120-volt as well as 240-volt equipment.

To protect the equipment in your buildings, and keep your tenants happy, consult the surge suppression experts at G&C today!