As a property manager, you know how important the building’s electrical system is. Tenants rely on it to reliably deliver power day after day. They depend on you to make sure that happens.

Switchgear is a vital part of your electrical system, ensuring its reliability. But it can get overlooked. That’s because it tends to be a low-maintenance component. But if it malfunctions, you can have problems throughout your commercial space.


What Is Switchgear?

Switchgear combines electrical disconnect switches, circuit breakers or fuses that control, isolate, and protect electrical equipment. It is what de-energizes machinery so work can be done and clears faults further down the line.

As a property manager for a large commercial building, you buy your electricity at high voltage. Then via a step-down transformer, the voltage is lowered to a usable level. From there it goes to the switchgear box, which can distribute the electricity efficiently throughout the building. For very large buildings, several pieces of switchgear are needed to handle multiple transformers.

Switchgear is what connects your backup generator or uninterruptible power supply system, UPS, to the building’s energy demands, or loads.

What Does This Mean for the Property Manager?

Your switchgear must be the right size and capacity for your energy demands in the building. Figuring that out means being clear on your building loads, how many transformers you have, their sizes, and how the switchgear fits into the overall electrical scheme.

It is important to check switchgear regularly for problems. Since it lasts for many years and needs few repairs, it is easy to overlook. But if your reliable electrical system suddenly stops working, it could be the switchgear. Its effect is that powerful on overall operations. If problems occur within the switchgear, the device itself becomes damaged.

Trust the Electrical Pros at G&C

Switchgear is part of the maze of electrical components that make up a functioning, productive, commercial building. Trying to figure out that maze without a map and a guide is daunting. Also dangerous.

That’s why so many large corporations and government agencies have put their faith in G&C Construction and Electrical for almost 20 years. With 75 years of combined experience, G&C knows commercial spaces from the inside out, top to bottom. They have the expertise to lead you safely through your complex maze of electrical components.

Do you have questions about the switchgear needs for your building? Call the experts at G&C for a consultation today. They are happy to lend an ear, explain what is going on, and suggest solutions.