Power failures cause computers to crash, lights to go out, machinery to simply stop–and tenants to get angry. As a property manager, you need a failsafe plan for backup power.

Whatever precautions you take, there will be power disturbances. Some originate within the structure, but many are the result of events outside your building, well beyond your control. There are numerous sources of power interruptions, including problems with the utility company’s distribution system, brownouts, blackouts, voltage spikes, and sags.

You don’t need to be at the mercy of outside power supplies. An uninterruptible power source is the answer.

uninterruptible power supply (ups)

What You Need to Know About an Uninterruptible Power Supply

Usually called UPS, an uninterruptible power supply is a system that supplies power continuously, regardless of what is going on with the utility power. These systems have three components:

  • Charger/rectifier
  • Storage batteries
  • Power inverter

The power from your utility company, in the form of alternating current, AC, goes into the charger/rectifier. This converts the power to direct current, DC. This in turn charges the batteries, providing power to the inverter. The inverter turns the DC back to AC. If you install a system that is geared toward extended outages, a backup generator is typically connected to the batteries.

UPS Makes Your Job Easier

Because the uninterruptible power source provides power on a continuous basis, whatever is happening with the utility, your tenants never experience the effects of the power outages within your building.

In addition, a UPS setup prevents almost all types of power disturbances, like noise, voltage fluctuations, and transients. This is a direct result of the way it processes current, turning AC to DC, and back to AC.

That means when you install a UPS in your building, your power is covered all the time, not just during outages. Your tenants get steady, reliable power continuously.

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