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As a property manager, you need to consider the comfort of your tenants, while keeping an eye on your bottom line. All the while, you want to make the most environmentally responsible choices possible.

Those three goals can tug you in different directions.
That’s why savvy property managers rely on variable frequency drives to adjust the speed of motors in HVAC systems. This saves money, keeps the equipment in good working order, and reduces the amount of fuel needed.

What Is a Variable Frequency Drive?

Usually referred to as a VFD, the variable frequency drive is a mechanical version of a variable speed drive. Sometimes called an adjustable speed drive, it allows systems that are run by motors to easily adjust the speed of the motor.

Your building has varying power demands, or loads, throughout the day. By changing the speed of the motor, it can meet its load by using the least amount of energy possible.
The fact is, most systems only need to handle a peak load less than 10% of the time that they are in operation. Your system is potentially wasting energy the other 90% of the time. The right VFD can stop the waste, save you money, and keep your equipment working for years longer.

VFDs are available for a range of new systems. Many old systems can also be retrofit with a VFD.

How a VFD Can Help You and Your Properties?

VFDs help equipment, the environment, and your bottom line.

Use less energy overall.

By varying the speed of the motor, your machinery needs less energy to operate at the same efficiency. That’s good for your energy bills. It also lets you leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Use less energy during peak periods.

If your equipment consumes less energy during peak demand hours, when prices are higher, you pay less.

Extend the life of your equipment.

With a VFD installed, your motor can make a soft start and ramp up and down gradually. This prolongs the useful lifespan of expensive machinery.

Pay less on repairs.

Because of the soft start and gradual ramping up and down,VFDs reduce the wear and tear on a motor. Fewer repairs are required.

Get helpful diagnostic data.

If you use a facility management system, the VFD can be connected, giving you helpful information about your system.

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