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With emergency generators and cogenerators, you aren’t just paying for backup power, but for peace of mind. It’s like bringing a rain jacket on a cloudy day’s bike ride; you might not need it, but knowing you have it is one less thing to worry about.

On the other hand, having back-up power could save your business. Companies lose thousands of dollars by losing power for extended periods of time, or by not being able to save their work before things go black. A blackout in other industries, like healthcare, could have much more dire consequences.

You need to insure your facility, and emergency power back-up is a great way to do that.


We offer fully-integrated generators for your commercial space. We can install, service and repair a variety of generator brands, and will work with you to find the most appropriate size for your building.


Cogenerators are a way to combine heat and power generation, and they have far more benefits than just providing emergency back-up power.

For one, they are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. They can increase energy efficiency by an average of 40-50% for some buildings, and as high as 80% for others.

That means a huge reduction in utility bills, so much so that these systems pay themselves back quickly. Something like a 75-kW unit has been known to pay itself back in 15 years; smaller ones could pay themselves back sooner.

And they still supply the emergency power a typical generator can provide.

Why G&C Construction?

G&C Construction has the multidisciplinary experience to handle emergency generator and cogenerator installations.

Does your space or business want the peace of mind of having an emergency generator, or cogeneration system? Contact G&C Construction, the company with over 75 years of combined construction and electrical experience.