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The right finish can produce significant savings for the contractor as well as the building tenant.

Different materials come with different benefits. Most important would be gaining protection from the elements, like fire, snow or rain. Certain materials also ensure noise reduction, critical for an office environment.

These are some of the materials we specialize in:

1. Vinyl: One of the most popular options, due to its low-cost and minimal maintenance. There’s also the longevity, as we like to tell our clients, “Vinyl is final!”

2. Brick: Comes in different styles and textures. When installed correctly, they can last the life of the building. It can be more expensive though due to its high labor-intensity

3. Stucco: Great for a variety of looks. It can also bring extra features, like water-proofing properties. It’s definitely a material best reserved for a professional, in terms of getting the best finish you desire



One important thing to consider with exterior finishes is regulations and permissions. These can vary greatly depending on where you’re building. It’s especially prevalent in historic districts – Portland has extensive regulations for designing and replacing historical buildings.

You don’t have to worry about that with us. We specialize in historic restorations. We know this market as well as the regulations that come with it.


With historical buildings, beyond regulations is the attention to detail. We can replace existing parts, colors, textures and do the install without anybody being able to tell the difference. You won’t even know we were there.


Whatever the finishing job, we’ll get it done. We strive to do everything in-house, and if we can’t, then we’ll find someone we can.

G&C Construction has been doing this work for over 20 years, and a combined 75 years of experience between our owners. We know this industry, and can get you anything you need.

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