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Vintage interiorOpen floor plans are the norm for the cubicle culture. They offer many benefits, but a significant downside is the noise. Studies have proved that not having sound privacy is a drain on worker morale, reducing productivity.

Sound masking systems can restore sound balance in the office environment. By restoring a sense of privacy and reducing distractions, they increase employee productivity and a sense of comfort in the workplace.

What Is a Sound Masking System?

The system sends out a background sound at the same frequency of human speech. It is a uniform noise that is barely detectable. Specially-designed sound emitters are added to ceiling tiles, helping to disperse the sound.

This system has proved helpful for open office plans, conference rooms, waiting areas, hospital rooms, courtrooms, call centers, board rooms, engineering labs, student centers, and airport lounges.

The Damaging Effects of Conversational Distractions

Noise in an open plan office is pervasive. This isn’t a minor problem, associated just with high-strung, volatile workers. It can affect the most easygoing of cubicle mates.

Because sound is all around workers in an open floor plan office configuration, workers can’t just ignore the noise. Workers can’t avoid it unless they actually seek out a quieter room. Their multiple trips to the lunchroom or bathroom aren’t helping productivity and the company’s bottom line.

The untreated noise in an open office is much like flickering fluorescent lights. The constant, distracting noise has a major impact on every worker’s quality of life. That, in turn, impacts their ability to focus and follow through on tasks. This produces a ripple effect, starting with the emotional comfort of the worker and cascading down to the company’s profits.

How a Sound Masking System Benefits Workers and Employers

An effective sound masking system gives workers a sense of privacy. This is one of the most essential features that an open office environment needs, and usually lacks. The right sound masking system reduces stress for employees. The white noise it produces masks conversational noise. Employees can’t hear coworker conversations, beyond a muffled noise.

Their own conversations, even in the big, noisy, open office environment, stay private. This reduces stress and increases productivity because there are fewer conversational distractions.

Installing the right sound masking system pays for itself in higher productivity, increased retention rates, and increased job satisfaction. Everyone who works in the building benefits.

Find out if a sound masking system is right for your environment, whether it is an open floor plan office, a commercial building with waiting rooms and lobbies, or any other sort of open configuration that could benefit from the advantages that a sound masking system provides! Call the experts at G&C Construction who have years of experience installing sound masking systems that provide huge benefits to all sorts of environments!