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If you own a commercial building that needs to be revamped into the perfect business space, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at what the process entails. There are a variety of unique features to each commercial space that need to be considered and the various aspects of those buildings will help determine how you can successfully renovate the building to your specific needs. Whether you just bought the building or you’ve been running a business out of it already, the right building professionals can help you go through the nuts and bolts of the process and set a plan in action.

What should you look for in a construction company?

Protecting yourself and your company from bad contractors or construction companies is very important, so before you jump into a remodel, do your research on local companies and contractors. If a potential contractor or company is putting a lot of pressure on you during the sales pitch, requiring that you only pay with cash, or will not provide documentation on their licenses, these could be red flags.

Once you’ve established that the company is legit and established, look online to see what type of experience they have and what reviews they have on completed jobs. Online reviews are a huge part of doing business today. Look on sites like Yelp, Google, Better Business Bureau, or Angie’s List to see what people are saying about the company or contractor. If you notice a lot of negative reviews, you should consider this and possibly think twice about hiring them to do a full remodel on your commercial space. In addition, be sure to check references that are available from not just one client, but several. This gives you the opportunity to get valuable feedback and other important information before the job gets started.

Here are some of the basic steps to know and understand before you launch into an extensive commercial remodel project:

Step #1: Look at the location.

Look in detail at the location of your building space and be sure that it meets zoning regulations. Find out if there are other pieces of the puzzle that need to be completed before you start construction, including making sure that there is adequate utilities/power supply coming to the building and that the foundation and footings are solid and ready to undergo remodel.

Step #2: Develop the design.

Your team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals will work with you to develop a concept design that they will follow to complete the whole project. The team will estimate what requirements are needed including permits and cost details, then they will start drafting the blueprints.

Architect working on blueprint and talking on cellphone

Step #3: Detailed blueprints.

Once the preliminary drafts are approved, the design team, including any architects or engineers that are involved, will start laying the foundation of the project in detail. This is where the architect’s vision will come to life and construction drawings and documents will get to the construction team so they can start manual labor.

Step #4: Construction begins.

Now the fun begins – actual construction!  If demo is required, the construction team will start there first. Then comes the rebuilding process where foundations will be set, walls will be constructed, and roofs will be put on. Once the outside portion is complete, they’ll move to the interior where all the details in regards to electricity, plumbing, HVAC, windows, doors, and more will be completed.

Step #5: Final reviews.

After the construction has been completed, the building will undergo thorough inspections to ensure that it is safe. This can be an extensive process depending on the size of the project and the complexity of the remodel. Once everything has been signed off as safe and approved for commercial use, you as the building owner are free to use it for your specific purposes, whether it is for yourself and your business, or renting it to tenants.

A commercial building remodeling project requires many people to make it a success. It requires you as the property owner to do your research and be involved in the planning process, consultants who collect information, designers to outline all of the design details, and a team of tradespeople that can do the physical work involved. Each professional has an important function in the project and in order to complete it well, they will need to communicate well and work together to get the building remodeled with efficiency and accuracy.

While the whole process can be complex and time-consuming, a remodeled commercial building will add value and create the opportunity to grow your business. And with the right team and resources, you can make your business location exactly how you want it. Our team of professionals is highly experienced in all of the inner workings of commercial building remodels, whether it’s obtaining permits, replacing drywall, or doing a full overhaul of the space. Our experience speaks for itself, so contact us today at G&C Construction on what services we can provide for you and your building project.  

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