Reduce distractions, increase productivity, and protect speech privacy in today’s open work spaces.

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The latest office designs feature open floor plans and shared work stations. This seems to have done wonders for team building and collaboration, but, it has also increased noise distractions and caused workers to seek quiet corners or even go outside to hold private conversations.

  • Workers lose 86 minutes of work time each day due to distractions
  • Lack of sound privacy is the #1 complaint among workers in open floors plans
  • 2/3 of workers say they would be more productive in a quieter office environment

The solution is a simple, cost effective sound masking system.

How does it work?

By emitting a barely perceptible, uniform background sound engineered at the same frequency as human speech, a sound masking system can reduce noise distractions and protect confidential conversations. Small QtPro™ Emitters with patented Quiet Technology from Cambridge Sound Management are easily installed in a number of ceiling tiles, providing 180 degrees of sound dispersion. It’s like creating an invisible cubicle.

Where is Sound Masking used?

Corporate: Open office, private office, conference rooms
Healthcare: Patient rooms, waiting areas, reception areas
Hospitality: Guest rooms, lobby areas, spas
Government and Law: Secured facilities, courtrooms, law offices
Technology: Engineering labs, co-share spaces, design studios
Finance: Call centers, retail banks, board rooms
Education: Research laboratories student centers, libraries
Venues: Houses of worship, conference centers, airport lounges

Why QtPro™?

  • It’s the # 1 sound masking solution trusted by more than 40% of fortune 100 companies
  • Simple layout and installation process – can be installed in any space or ceiling type
  • Integrated music and paging capabilities
  • Scalable systems are suitable for small spaces up to 1.2 million square feet
  • Reduces the need for expensive construction or sound blocking materials
  • Energy efficient technology uses less power than a light bulb
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