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Take a look around your office. As you see the desk-sized multi-function printer, the dozens of computers, the server rack, think of the price tags on those pieces of equipment. Not cheap, right?

You want to do everything you can to protect them. Most people first think of insurance, which can protect you from theft. Then there’s something which often gets overlooked, and it’s one of the most destructive things for office equipment – voltage spikes.

Electrical Surge: What it Means

Right now there’s a steady amount of electricity flowing around you. A surge—like a nearby lightning strike, or glitch in the grid—can send a wave of electricity that’s too much for an office’s electronic equipment to handle. This can cause failure. These are machines after all, and designed to handle only a certain amount of power.

Protect Yourself

Voltage spikes are not a question of “if”, but “when”. Many consumer products have surge protection built in, but it’s nowhere near sufficient for most cases. A high spike can fry every single connected device into a steaming mess.

To add, imagine the time lost from a power outage. If you are a business that runs primarily online, this can leave you with your hands tied.

Install a Surge Suppression Device

You need to protect yourself from this happening. This is why commercial office spaces have the appropriate type of surge protector in place. What this does is block or divert the incoming power, so that it doesn’t fry your systems.

In the grand scheme of things, it costs a fraction of replacing all of your office equipment. Granted, you don’t want to get one of those multi-strip adapters from the hardware store. You have expensive stuff in place, and you want to protect them appropriately.

Uninterrupted Power Supply protects office equipment

Next Steps

Surge suppression devices need to be installed within your electrical system, like service entrances and at the distribution panel. Other types of equipment—like sensing and monitoring devices—may require more specialized protection.

When choosing, keep in mind that you need a system that will fit your office environment. One space’s electrical needs may be different from another.

Further Protection

In some places, an immediate blackout could cause disastrous consequences, like data centers or hospitals. For these, we recommend purchasing an Uninterruptible Power Supply. What these do is provide temporary power after a blackout without missing a beat – you can use that time to properly shut down your systems and avoid large-scale damage.

Contact a Professional

Now it’s time to get started on protecting your office. G&C Construction installs whole building surge suppression systems, as well as those outfitted for small spaces. Schedule your consultation today.

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